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BEGHLER® is a worldwide company specializes in LED lighting.


With over 10 years of experience, BEGHLER® is growing rapidly developing modern lighting products in consultation with leading experts in the field of energy saving and LED technologies.


All BEGHLER® products are certified by the international standards such as: CE, RoHS, EMC, Dekra, TÜV and have first-class LED chips from companies such as: Philips, Sharp, Citizen, Osram, Tridonic, which apply uncompromising quality standards at global level.


BEGHLER® ensures exceptional quality at a reasonable price, thanks to the strict manufacturing control, the use of the best materials and components, the advanced technological systems and the production line, operating in 26 countries worldwide.


BEGHLER® allows you to make the best choice so far, as the product range includes nearly 800 items for lighting and decoration of homes, offices, gardens, commercial use, hotels, office buildings, manufacturing premises, etc.


The whole industrial and intellectual power of the company is focused on developing and maintaining the most advanced and high-quality LED lighting products, because we believe that LED technology will be the most used technology in the production of lighting products in the 21st century.


With no compromise on quality and service, BEGHLER® has committed itself to bringing affordable LED lighting solutions to its clients. BEGHLER® will strive to maintain their brand image and evolve as one of the leading brands in the LED lighting industry.